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Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

Tropical Storms/HurricanesDateEstimated Wind Force
Hurricane Janet22nd September, 1955Category 3 (111-129 mph; 96-112 knots)
Tropical Storm Anna20th July, 196150 mph
Tropical Storm Flora30th August, 196312 mph
Hurricane Dorothy20th August, 197070 mph
Tropical storm Fern1971At least 38 mph
Tropical Storm Alma14th August, 197455 mph
Tropical Storm Gertrude2nd October, 197474 mph
Tropical Storm Cora11th August, 1978At least 38 mph initially but weakened to a Tropical Depression overhead
Tropical Storm Danielle9th September, 198660 mph
Tropical Storm Isaac1st October, 198840 mph
Tropical Storm Joan15th October, 1988At least 38 mph
Tropical Storm Arthur25th July, 1990At least 38 mph
Tropical Storm BretAugust, 1993 (center passed to the south)At least 38 mph
Tropical Storm Lenny16th/17th November, 1999Storm surge caused destruction to St. George’s and along the west coast
Tropical Storm Jerry8th October, 200150 mph
Tropical Storm Lili21st September, 2002Tropical Storm Force Winds recorded in Barbados (not Grenada); significant flooding in St. Mark, St. Patrick & St. Andrew
Tropical Storm Earl14th August, 200450 mph
Hurricane Ivan7th September, 2004120 mph (recorded at MBIA)
Hurricane Emily13th/14th July, 200590 mph
Tropical Storm Felix1st September, 200740 mph
Tropical Storm Tomas29th October, 2010Tropical Storm Watch issued but tropical storm conditions not experienced
Tropical Storm Ernesto3rd August, 2012Tropical Storm Watch issued but tropical storm conditions not experienced
Tropical Storm Matthew28th September, 2016Formed 35 miles ENE of St. Vincent. There was no significant impact on the state of Grenada
Tropical Storm Bret19th/20th June, 2017 (center passed to the south)Maximum sustained winds @ MBIA: 43 mph with gust(s) to 51 mph. Impact: Flood, storm-force-winds & landslide
Tropical Storm Don17th July, 2017 (dissipated overhead)Maximum sustained winds @ 40 mph. No significant precipitation was reported
Tropical Storm Kirk26th September 2018 (Regenerates near 11.8N 52.7W)27th September: Rough seas caused by T. S. Kirk (2 diving boats sank in Petite Martinique). 28th September: Thunderstorm activity associated with T. S. Kirk resulted in lightning-strike damage to one property in Lance Aux Epines
Tropical Storm Dorian25th August 2019At 5:00 p.m., Grenada was placed under T. S. watch
Tropical Storm Karen22nd September 2019At 4:40 a.m., Grenada was placed under T.S. warning (Flooding in several areas)
Tropical Storm Gonzalo24th July 2020At 2:00 p.m., Grenada was placed under T.S. warning (No significant damage from system)
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