History & Background

The Meteorological Services at Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) was established on the 28th of October 1984.

Our forecast office began in 1987, with Mr. Wayne Williams being the first Meteorological Forecaster.
The stations were established primarily to provide meteorological services for the islands aviation sector by meeting the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards and requirements for meteorological services to international aviation.

The Grenada Meteorological Service is a member of the Caribbean Meteorological Organisation (CMO), and its associated entities.
The Meteorological Department is directed by the Grenada Airports Authority (a statutory body) under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism.

Our primary responsibility is to the users in aviation. However, we play a vital role in public weather services as it relates to providing early warnings on adverse weather conditions.

Other interests such as Agriculture, Construction, Marine and research can benefit from the use of our current and statistical data.
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